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Specialists in mental health and dual diagnoses
inclusive mental health support for all NDIS participants.
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Mental health support to help overcome barriers to Treatment

Mental health support to assist in overcoming barriers to achieving your NDIS goals. Many participants with a mental health diagnosis or multiple disabilities have found navigating the NDIS complicated, with many providers having little understanding of or experience with the complexities often experienced by the individual.


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Our services

Inclusive mental health services offer a unique range of specialised services provided to participants with a mental health diagnosis or multiple disabilities. Specifically, we offer a range of participant-centred professionals from a range of fields to link participants quickly with the support they require. Participants can access this service or select their own support to liaise with ours. Either way, we aim to provide participants with a supportive and collaborative approach to assisting them to meet their NDIS and personal goals.
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Specialist Support Coordination

Are you looking for a specialist support coordinator who can provide tailored services to suit your unique circumstances? Then look no further, not only are our

Support Coordination

If you're looking for a level 2 support coordinator, you won't find better than ours! Professional, participant-focused with significant knowledge of the NDIS and participant needs are just a few of their skills.

Occupational Therapy

Our Occupational Therapists are second to none. Incorporated into our model of care to ensure that our participants have less wait time for the reports they require whether it be functional assessments home modifications or assistive

Group Therapy

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Online Therapy

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Couples Therapy

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If would like to refer

 If you would like to access our support and gain access to Inclusive Mental Health’s experienced team of participant-centred professionals


Growing Concerns

Mental health in the NDIS space  

Better Outcomes for Our Participants

Better Outcomes for…

What Inclusive Mental Health Services is doing to achieve better outcomes for our participants The Real Warriors Blog is an…


Growing Concerns

Mental health in the NDIS space  

The Growing Concerns

The right blog topics for mental health will not just make your blog better than the rest, but also aim to cater to the growing concerns regarding mental health.

Plays a Major Role

What Inclusive Mental Health Services is doing to achieve better outcomes for our participants

The Real Warriors

The Real Warriors Blog is an incredible multimedia public education campaign intended to provide ongoing information about PTSD and other psychological health and military-related topics.

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"There is hope, even when your brain tells you there isn't. "

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How It Works

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1st Phase

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2nd Phase

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Final Phase

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Individual Therapy

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Partners and Associations

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What our participants say

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What is a typical therapy appointment?

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What benefits can I expect from working with a therapist?

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Should I choose individual or group therapy?

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