What is the Biggest Disability Service in Australia?

Australia is home to a vast network of disability service providers, all working to support people with disabilities and their families. While there are many organisations operating in this space, one provider stands out as the largest and most well-known: the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

What is the NDIS?

The NDIS is a national scheme that provides funding and support for people with disabilities, as well as their families and carers. The scheme was launched in 2013 and is administered by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA).

The NDIS provides funding for a wide range of services and supports, including:

What is the biggest disability service in Australia?


Assistive technology

Assistive technology refers to devices and equipment that help people with disabilities to perform tasks that might otherwise be difficult or impossible. This might include things like mobility aids, communication devices, and home modifications.

Therapy and rehabilitation services

Therapy and rehabilitation services are designed to help people with disabilities to improve their physical, cognitive, and emotional wellbeing. This might include physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and counselling.

Personal care and support

Personal care and support services help people with disabilities to manage their daily activities and maintain their independence. This might include things like help with personal hygiene, meal preparation, and household tasks.

biggest disability service in Australia

How does the NDIS work?

To access funding and support through the NDIS, individuals with disabilities must first apply to become a participant. This involves providing evidence of their disability, as well as information about their needs and goals.

Once a person has been approved as an NDIS participant, they work with an NDIS planner to develop a plan that outlines the services and supports they require. This plan is reviewed regularly to ensure that it continues to meet the person’s changing needs.


The NDIS is the largest disability service in Australia, providing funding and support to people with disabilities and their families across the country. With a focus on individualised funding and support, the NDIS is helping to transform the way that disability services are delivered in Australia, empowering people with disabilities to live more independent and fulfilling lives. For what disability services that are available see here.

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