Specialist Support Coordinator Salaries in Melbourne, VIC


Specialist Support Coordinators are trained professionals that assist people with disabilities in gaining access to the resources and services they require in order to realise their ambitions and realise their potential. They construct a strategy with the client, the client’s family, and any other experts that are involved to determine what the client’s requirements are and how best to address those needs. If you are thinking about pursuing a career as a Specialist Support Coordinator in Melbourne, Victoria, you may be curious about how much money you can anticipate earning in this role.

How much does a specialist support coordinator earn near Melbourne VIC?

Salary Range

According to the most recent information that can be found on the website that facilitates job searches, the annual income for a Specialist Support Coordinator in Melbourne, Victoria is approximately $77,195. On the other hand, salaries can be anywhere from $55,000 to $105,000 per year depending on a variety of criteria, such as the degree of experience, qualifications, and particular organisation that an individual works for.


The level of experience that an individual possesses is one of the primary elements that might have an effect on the income that they receive for the position of Specialist Support Coordinator. Support Coordinators with less than five years of experience typically bring in an annual salary of between $55,000 and $65,000, whilst those with five or more years of experience can bring in an annual salary of more than $90,000. In addition, those who have more specialised experience in a certain subject, such as mental health or elderly care, may be able to command higher remuneration for their services.


The qualifications of a Specialist Support Coordinator are yet another significant consideration that may play a role in determining their wage. Although a degree is not always necessary for this position, many employers give preference to candidates who have formal qualifications in social work, psychology, or another field that is related to this one. Those who have better qualifications, such as a Master’s degree, may be able to command more income than those who merely have a Bachelor’s degree or a diploma in their possession.


The particular company for which a Specialist Support Coordinator works might also have an effect on the amount of money they make. For instance, those who work for government agencies or large non-profit organisations may earn higher pay than those who work for community-based organisations that are on the smaller side. In addition, those who work in highly specialised fields, such as advocacy for people with disabilities or mental health, may have the opportunity to earn better income as a result of the increasing demand for their knowledge.

specialist support coordinator earn near Melbourne

Benefits and Perks

As part of their employment package, the majority of specialist support coordinators in Melbourne, Victoria, receive a variety of benefits and perks in addition to the fundamental pay that they are paid. Health insurance, paid time off, and opportunity for professional development are some examples of these benefits. To further meet the requirements of its staff members, some businesses may make flexible work options available, such as allowing employees to work from home or offering part-time positions.


A career as a Specialist Support Coordinator in Melbourne, Victoria, may be an excellent choice for you if you have a strong interest in assisting people with disabilities in accomplishing the things that are important to them. Although salaries can differ depending on a number of factors, such as experience, qualifications, and employer, a good number of support coordinators earn salaries that are competitive and receive a variety of benefits and perks in addition to their salaries. It is recommended that anyone interested in this satisfying line of work investigate current job vacancies and consult with those already working in the industry. https://inclusivementalhealth.org/specialist-support-coordination-victoria/

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