Is Being a Support Coordinator Hard?

Is being a support coordinator hard?


Being a support coordinator involves helping people with impairments or mental health issues get the support they need to live independently, which is a rewarding and significant job. High levels of empathy, effective communication, and attention to detail are necessary. But it’s also a demanding job that occasionally presents emotional difficulties. The ins and outs of being a support coordinator will be examined, along with the difficulties that come with the job, in this article.

What is a Support Coordinator?

A support coordinator is a specialist who aids individuals with impairments or mental health issues in getting the assistance they require to reach their objectives and live independently. As part of the job, you’ll create and carry out individualised support plans, organise services and resources, communicate with service providers, and fight for the rights of the people you support. Support coordinators work with people of all ages and with a variety of disabilities, such as mental health issues, physical impairments, and intellectual impairments.

The Challenges of Being a Support Coordinator

Support coordinator work may be enjoyable and difficult at the same time. Here are some difficulties associated with this position:

Emotional Demands

Support coordinators assist individuals who might be coping with difficult life circumstances. People with complex needs, those who have experienced trauma, and those who are struggling with mental health issues can all fall under this category. It is crucial for support coordinators to approach their work with compassion and empathy, but doing so can be emotionally taxing. It’s critical for support coordinators to take care of themselves and get help when necessary.
Support coordinators are in charge of organising a variety of assignments, due dates, and appointments. They must have excellent organisational skills and be able to prioritise assignments well. To make sure that people get the support they need quickly and effectively, the position calls on excellent time management abilities.


Support coordinators are essential in promoting the rights of the clients they work with. This entails promoting the rights of the individual to make decisions about their own lives as well as access to resources and services. Excellent communication skills and knowledge of the moral and legal principles that guide the support industry are prerequisites for advocacy.

support coordinator a hard job


Support coordinators are a component of a team that also includes psychologists, social workers, and healthcare providers. To guarantee that the person receives the greatest support possible, effective communication and collaboration are crucial. High-level interpersonal skills and the capacity to collaborate successfully with people from various backgrounds and occupations are necessary for this.

The Rewards of Being a Support Coordinator

Despite the difficulties, working as a support coordinator is really fulfilling. The benefits of this position include the following:


serve coordinators are essential in helping the people they serve live better lives. They assist people in getting the assistance they require to reach their objectives and lead independent lives. For many support coordinators, seeing the benefits of their labour is a big reward.

Relationship Building

Support coordinators have close relationships with the clients they look after and their families. Effective support requires developing trusting relationships with clients and their families. This part of the job is enjoyable for many support coordinators since it enables them to change people’s lives for the better.


Support coordinators deal with individuals of various ages and disabilities. This indicates that the work is varied and that each day is unique. It gives you the chance to develop professionally and learn about the special requirements and difficulties that people with disabilities or mental health issues face.

Personal Growth

Support coordinators must possess a high level of personal development. The position pushes people to improve their advocacy, organisation, and communication abilities. This can be a really fulfilling experience that advances people’s personal and professional development.


A support coordinator must possess a variety of abilities and traits to succeed in this difficult but incredibly rewarding position. The position calls for candidates to be kind, empathic, organised, and capable of standing up for the rights of the people they help. Even though the job occasionally presents emotional challenges, it offers the chance to improve people’s lives and advance both personally and professionally. Being a support coordinator is a great choice if you’re thinking about a career in the support industry. For specialist support coordination victoria see here.

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